Client Testimonials

 "Having worked out with Tom twice a week for over a year, I highly recommend him. Great personality, great fun and work outs fit to your own needs and preferences. He managed to get me ready to reach my personal goal and always was able to push me just that little further then I though I could go. The variety of exercises, always outdoors whenever the weather permitted, made it never boring. Boxing was my personal favourite. Burpies the least but hey no pain, no gain. Just one piece of advice, never say no to Tom as he makes you do the exercises twice!"

Marjolein, Personal Training Client May 2016

"First thing done before starting the personal training is the fitness test - all the necessary equipment is provided by Tom and he professionally guides and pushes you through it.  According to the results and your own goals he sets together a diversified plan.  If wanted he also supports with dietary tips and answers all questions related to those topics.  He clearly explains the exercises beforehand, motivates throughout the training and definitely pushes your limits further over time.  I personally love training outside and enjoy the variety of basic routines where you know what comes next, as well as new and more challenging tutorials.  Lots of different ways to train outside with car tires, stairs, TRX belt, bar & dumb-bells, skipping rope and boxing gloves :) great combination of doing sports outside and extraordinary motivator - would definitely do it again :)"

Astrid, Personal training client,  June 2015

Astrid, Personal training client

"Tom was able to convince nearly all employees to participate regularly to his Boot Camp sessions and in addition he motivated them to do sports together every day!  He knows how to include fun into the exercises but in the same time he engages people to deliver the highest performances in the exercises"
Jean-Pierre Valenghi, CEO  

"great opportunity to workout in the evening, you can get all your energy out, professional trainer always looking for new challenging exercises; high potential to get addicted to it !"
Meetup group review by Astrid on 4th June 2015

"First Boot camp I've been to, but I would say it was a great way to both have fun and get in shape"
Meetup group review by Jo on 25th June 2014.

Jean-Pierre and Tom